Guest Blogs Elsewhere

I’ve been pretty busy recently, flat out in fact, but I haven’t been a completely blog-free zone.

I’ve been guest blogging over at Clearbox Communications, an exciting new PR agency in Holywood, Northern Ireland, who are working on some very cool experiential-type media relations activities these days.

But of course we’re all up to speed with SEO practices here, aren’t we? So we know that I can’t just copy the blog posts verbatim and publish them here, otherwise the dreaded Google Bots will punish me to page 900 of the search results!

So I thought I’d post some links here in case you missed them:

1. I did a round-up of my first few weeks work with Clearbox if you want a sneak peek into agency life.

2. I also researched and wrote an analysis piece on YouTube for PR during their 10th birthday week.

Apart from that life has been pretty darn hectic. But I’ll be back here shortly, so stay with me!