Content Marketing

I have researched and crafted content marketing blog posts and industry expert articles for businesses looking to boost their SEO and inbound marketing efforts.

I have also ghost authored for entrepreneurs seeking to position themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries.

I can data mine for industry content marketing that consumers will want to engage with, create content plans that will fit any business and turnaround written content and imagery swiftly.

I have experience working across continents from Ireland to the UK, Dubai to New Zealand, covering a range of topics and industries in both written and video format, including:

Case Study: Digital DNA


One of my roles in 2017 was Managing Editor of Digital DNA Northern Ireland‘s website content.

In the lead up to the 2017 flagship event in June, it was decided to open the brand website blog space to guest submissions from industry experts on topics related to the tech and digital space, with the aim of cementing the site as a key industry online resource and increasing both website traffic and ticket bookings.

Dedicated research hand outreach led to an influx of quality material, we decided to increase publishing a new post from twice-weekly to every week day, in the month prior to the event.

This resulted in a 72% increase in website visitors (including 9,000+ readers in one single month), compared to 2016. There was also a 28% increase in page views and an 18% increase in traffic referrals from social media posts.

A 14% increase in social media followers was directly attributed to website content between 28 February and 30 April 2017.

Ticket sales for the event have already surpassed the previous year with six weeks still to go, and a final 106% delegate growth was achieved on the previous year.