Christmas Gift Guide: 12 Ideas for the PR in your life!

It’s that time of year when all the fashion and beauty bloggers pump out their “Christmas Gift Guide” posts. So not one to be left out, I decided to hunt the World Wide Web for all things weird and wonderful for that very special PR Pro in your life…

For the coffee drinkers:

Let’s be honest, the fuel of most PR folk is an abundance of caffeine. This Facebook Like mug will tell your colleagues to keep ‘er filled without you having to lift your head from your keyboard.

For the coffee drinking Facebook haters:

We all know a hashtag mug is classier though, right?

For the drenched photo call-ers:

Anyone who has tried (and failed) to keep themselves dry during a photo call while juggling props and people in an attempt to not turn up to their afternoon meeting looking like a drowned rat will appreciate the genius that is… the hands-free umbrella!

For the Smartphone addicts:

Just for fun, an iPhone charging dock that pops the phones when fully charged like a toaster! Delightful.

For the multi-taskers:

A trait most of us share - multitasking - here’s a truly useful accessory: the traditional phone iPhone dock. It’s very difficult to hold an iPhone between your cheek and shoulder while you type and talk at the same time!

For the insomniacs:

Another (unhealthy) trait us PR folk seem to share is the strange ability to wake, bolt upright, in the middle of the night with the creative idea to end all creative ideas! Ever!! Instead of rolling over and losing it, you need a pen and torch…combined:

For the writers:

Many PR Pros are skilled writers and write creatively in their spare time (like moi) so if they constantly correcting your grammar they might enjoy this sarky shopper:

If their sense of humour is a little more subtle, they may appreciate the simplicity that is “the writer’s block” book-end:

For the wine lovers:

There’s a lot of them it would seem, and no wonder, in one of the world’s leading high-stress industries. Christmas might be a good idea to remind them who’s watching!

For the bakers:

Aside from alcohol, the PR industry seems to have its fair share of Mary Berrys and Paul Hollywoods filling the office with home-made baked goods. They would appreciate some social media cookie cutters surely.

For the super-organised:

If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the digital advice that tells us the key to blogging success is an editorial calendar. The modern age bids ‘goodbye’ to the old Fil-o-fax and ‘hello’ to the Blogging Planner.

For the Secret Santa budget buy:

If you’re limited to a small budget, these little Facebook office stamps are my favourite. Although, I know which one I’d use more often when ideas from non-ideas people land on my desk…

Now, now, ’tis the season to be nice to people!