#RoyalBaby PR Social Media Stunts

The morning sickness had not long hit the toilet bowl when brands all over the UK jumped on the “Big-News-Bandwagon” to find a lucid link between their products/services and the hashtag (#RoyalBaby) that was winging its way around cyberspace at lightning speed.

I know most people complain about this kind of hijacking but I rather enjoy it. The exercise is almost like our own little geek competition as we await the best (and worst) attempts. It’s a chance for teams to get tested quickly on their creative streaks in both design and content marketing as well as giving us all something humorous to post in our personal timelines about the news.

I await in earnest any local attempts to ride the wave. Although I implore you to learn from WKD’s boo-boo and spellcheck the Duchess’ name!

A few of my favourites are highlighted below, with the charity campaign tie-in my particular favourite…

PS - I know collection blog posts are lazy but I’m very busy this week interviewing lots of exciting local Comms professionals for your reading pleasure so bear with me!

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