My Dream Team

One of the most common queries I get on the blog are people asking for recommendations of industry people that I’ve worked with along the way.

PR & Marketing

In terms of PR and Marketing in Northern Ireland, there are so many talented people that I admire, too many to mention!

Obviously I would recommend everyone I have worked with (because I wouldn’t put my name to any PR consultant or agency that I didn’t respect).

Two other standouts who haven’t hired me yet - probably because they see enough of me as it is - are Chris Love CIPR Fellow and Nicola Bothwell Chartered Marketer. My industry mentors, they allow me into their office periodically to bleed their brains in exchange for cream buns. It makes me feel part of a team as a lonely freelancer. And I learn. Lots.

Digital Marketing

Andy Hill hasn’t hired me yet either.

But his agency - Dokoo Digital - has given me that much advice and referrals over the years, that he has basically hired me, in a roundabout way!



Brendan Gallagher, hands down. Yes, he’s a great wedding photographer, but he is also one of the best PR togs in the NI industry.

From ideas to execution, passion to personality, Brendan delivers. He is a regular at our big events like Miss Northern Ireland and Belfast Fashion Week, to name a few.

He is responsible for my (fabulous) corporate head shots and PR launch pics.


Event Management

Callum Clark used to be the voluntary sector’s best kept secret, but it was only a matter of time before demand for his services led him to set up his own consultancy CRC Events.

Alongside strategy and operations he can cover your PR and Social Media Marketing too.

We were desk buddies for 2 awesome years.



There are lots of industry folk who can train you to do what we do in a corporate environment.

But few can command a room the way Wayne Denner can. And although he’s spent years keeping young people informed and entertained about all things Social Media, it was no surprise to me when companies as far away as Dubai came calling.

I couldn’t have published my book without him, thanks to his experience with his own (brilliant) book.


Oran Kane designed the cover of my book “Talk Is Cheap.”

I found him the best way, through a request for recommendations on Twitter.

The cover of the book made it a talking point before anyone had even read it.

That’s the value of good graphic design.


Other Freelancers

I know lots. Some are just branching out on their own, some have freelanced for years. Each specialises in their own unique way be it B2B, public affairs and charities or consumer PR. I always recommend them for jobs that I can’t do either because I don’t have time (or because they would be better at it!) Just ask.