The Social Media Christmas Story

So it’s my last post before Christmas (and most-likely the last one of 2013). It’s the time most bloggers will come up with some “Merry Marketing” tips or “Best and Worst” PR lists.

Instead, I’ve been pondering my own journey, not just since starting the blog in June, but also my own personal PR journey. The internet plays such a big part in it now considering it was only just emerging as a communications channel when I started out on the bottom rung of the career ladder.

Social media now enables me to write ramblings that people I’ve never met can read (and share!) In the PR world it has helped immensely in spreading good news (and bad) more quickly and organically than ever before.

But seeing as it’s the season of goodwill, I’d like to highlight a lovely story that showcases the power of the internet and social media - not for it’s ability to dissect us into demographic insight groups and sell us stuff - but rather, for it’s ability to connect humans on an emotional level and help us to spread festive cheer to our fellow man.

Click here
, to read the story of Lauren Bishop Vranch, Phoebe, the lost teddy bear and the people around the UK who wrote a happy ending to their Christmas story. Prepare to have your faith in mankind restored, just in time for the big day!

Thanks to everyone who reads the blog, whether it’s to praise or criticise, I hope you’ll join me again in 2014.

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