Cool Campaign: Reality TV Protesters

OK so this week’s cool campaign isn’t exactly a campaign. It didn’t even (to my knowledge) involve any official PR folk. But what it did do, was work.


Last weekend saw the final of talent/reality show “Britain’s Got Talent” with it’s usual line-up of variety acts and performers - amid one-too-many singers this side of the X Factor - but that’s besides the point.

Attraction, firm favourites since their audition, were crowned the winners and a lot of press coverage since the programme’s airing has concentrated on the fact that they are not, in actual fact, a “British” act.

What the press haven’t noted yet is that, aside from the original, creative and talented shadow-story-telling by the performers, they also displayed the most magnificent piece of Public Relations during their final piece.

With controversy building since their win in the semi-finals, in a country of rising xenophobia (and UKIP votes), Attraction decided to perform what could arguably be described as one of the most patriotic tributes to British history and culture produced on television since the Olympics last Summer.

The act introduced their piece as “a thank you to the British public” for voting for them and featured imagery of Churchill, a young Queen Elizabeth II and even the iconic “Keep Calm” logo. And the British public responded by voting in vast numbers, eventually securing a win for the Hungarian group.

The show itself followed up this PR victory with a social media victory of their own, in the wake of the “egg-throwing” scandal:

So PR comes in many forms. Kudos to all involved!