Work-Life Balance in PR

It has dawned on me that I haven’t blogged in a week. In my defence, I’m emerging from what is, in my day-job, the busiest week of our year. Emerging like a grumpy bear waking from months of hibernation and hauling his big hairy behind out of his cave… unwillingly.

We’re exhausted from what’s gone before, we’re all sick, we’re daunted by what’s to come. We need to plan, we need to recruit, we need to produce things.

We need more coffee.

But that’s life in the Comms/PR world. It isn’t a 9-5, everyone accepts that and everyone in some small way thrives on the adrenaline of it. Otherwise we’d have changed career paths long ago. It’s an issue in most industries, it’s even an issue for those who are their own bosses, but work-life balance is a particular issue in Public Relations (as highlighted in PR Week’s recent article about the lack of female CEOs).

Thankfully, it’s an issue my boss (who is also a mother) understands, and tries to work around. So with that in mind, I will be taking another week’s holiday from blogging because I’ll be busy working on the “life” part of my scales.

First up, I’m going to a wedding (I’ll know few people at it, but that’ll probably make it all the more fun). Then I’m hosting a big Star Wars themed birthday party for my son who turns 5 and believes he is, in fact, Luke Skywalker reincarnated. And then I’ll be having a lovely meal with my boyfriend’s family as he turns the big 3-0 (before me, haha!)

And not a single day of it will be spent in the office. I’ll no doubt miss work. And I’ll definitely feel disappointed at skipping a few blog posts, considering I haven’t missed a single week since I started back in June (49 posts in all) and I hope you won’t miss me too much either.

Until then compadres, May The Force Be With You!

Storm Trooper Costume
Storm Trooper Costume