Case Study: How to Engage Bloggers

I’m taking a short interlude between the fabulous Local Profile interviews to commend the PR work of a local hotel.

The Malone Lodge hotel in Belfast had the inspired idea of engaging a group of local fashion and beauty bloggers (known as FABB). In the digital age, it isn’t the involvement of bloggers in a campaign, akin to approaching journalists, that is in itself inspired. In fact Google is littered with “how-to” articles and tips.

But to engage a group who try to meet up for their own professional development anyway and give them a sleepover/food/spa night in your hotel is inspired. It’s certainly a change from the usual launch events they probably receive invites to. And instead of just giving them products to take pictures of, you can give them an experience to write about. Because that is, after all, what they do. They’re writers.


Did it work? In my opinion, yes. Spectacularly. Not least because I had been searching for nice hotels with restaurants in Belfast myself. Despite having a wonderful relationship with the Malone Lodge many moons ago when organising my parents’ Silver Wedding Anniversary party, I had forgotten to look them up.

Since reading some of the blog articles that followed the event, like this one by That Belfast Girl, I have looked them up, been impressed by their meal and room packages, their city centre location and their prices.

And I want to book with them. Soon.

I will also try to challenge my own creativity next time I have to engage local bloggers, to ensure they benefit from the experience as much as the client does.

PR win.


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