(Video) Guest Interview: Marketing “The Beautiful Game” with Geoff Wilson, IFA

Two weeks ago, after approaching many of the industry leaders I look up to for interviews (who have all very kindly replied by the way, nice folk that they are!) I was both excited and terrified when a very busy Marketing man offered me the chance to video his responses to my interview.

I was terrified because I’m just learning about video editing, a skill that is becoming more important as the creation of video content for social channels brings a new focus to organisations and how they tell their stories.

I was excited because Mr Geoff Wilson is a cool man, with a very cool job. As the Head of Marketing and Communications for the Irish Football Association (IFA), Geoff is responsible for a huge portfolio of work across the principals of Marketing, PR, Branding, Sponsorship, Commercial Business and Social Media. He has the accolade of being asked to do consultancy work worldwide for UEFA and FIFA, he’s a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), sitting on their Northern Ireland Board, and is even a qualified coach himself!


So here it is, a very quick edit of a video recorded on a personal camera (with less-than-perfect lighting and mic, apologies!) that does not do justice to a comms guy who is engaging, succinct and compelling in his public speaking – a trait not often associated with those of us who prefer the other side of the camera – but I hope you’ll forgive my first attempt, turn your volume up and listen to what he has to say.

Because there is no doubt, that just one day in his company, and we could all learn A LOT.


You can follow Geoff on twitter @geoffwnjwilson for great updates on his work at the IFA.