Local PR Flips and Flops


I could have said “highs” and “lows” but given the glorious/nightmare heatwave (delete as appropriate) I thought Flips and Flops was the best way to describe today’s post – a round up of who is winning and losing in the local PR stakes this week.

First up we have the Ulster Museum, one of mine and the little person’s favourite haunts. I was curious to see how they would garner visitors to an indoor attraction which isn’t used to competing with the great outdoors, given our climate. My curiosity was quelled with the most fabulous of Facebook posts I’ve seen during a heatwave, highlighting the museum’s interesting artefacts and their AIR CONDITIONING. I chuckled to myself, “Liked” the post, and momentarily contemplated asking them if I could come for a sleepover to escape the night time sweat. 81 other people did the same (like the post, that is, not ask to sleepover) which must make it one of their most popular posts to date.

Ulster Museum Facebook Post

And that folks, is how you show brand personality while creating timely, engaging, content that is relevant to your audience.

So whose shoe was on the wrong foot this week (did you like what I did there?)

Well, we turn to twitter for the PR flop of the week, because it was on our timeline that a young gentleman’s complaint appeared. Filly Campbell, a guy with a rather nifty “hire me” web page was disappointed that his initial attempts to feedback constructive criticism to Crumlin Road Gaol had been ignored. According to his claims, they continually deleted his Facebook posts until, eventually, he screen grabbed them and shared them virally for everyone to see. Then, apparently, without replying to him they blocked him from posting.

Needless to say it didn’t go down too well. What with transparent, timely and courteous communications being rule ‘numero uno’ for those organisations engaging in online conversations with the general public via social media. Whether Filly’s version of events is the correct one, I can’t be sure. But what I can be sure of is that I had not, at any point, come across PR for this new foray the Gaol has taken into movie screenings.

I suppose I’m aware of it now. But the problem is that Filly’s almost-500 followers, the followers of the 12 people who Retweeted the link and my good self, are all now possibly dubious about how good it will be.

And that’s the local version of “how not to respond to Facebook complaints when promoting a new venture.”

Now, back to the real-life flip flops, the thunderstorms are coming!