What’s Your Personal Brand?


I read an interesting article on Linked In recently about the “personal brand”.

The idea behind this isn’t new. Since the dawn of Google most of us who work with brands both online and offline realised the importance of using the same techniques to actually sell ourselves.

So you Google your name regularly and clean up the results, you have social media feeds that represent your interest and knowledge in the sector – and don’t represent your love of Tequila and dancing on tables! – some might even run a blog, or go so far as to design a portfolio website.

What I liked about the article above was the idea of having just one word that represents yourself.

And it can’t be an age-old, overused word like “great” or “consistent”. It’s got to be memorable. As the author said, being introduced to two managers, one described as “great” and the other as “relentless”, well it’s obvious which one you would remember, right?

I love words. I love scanning a thesaurus (yes, I do have a life thank you very much!) so I could be here all day trying to find cool and clever words to brand myself. But the point of the exercise is to see how other people describe you. After all, they don’t have our ego and blinkered view of ourselves.

“She’s the writer, and she’s techy.”

That’s how my current boss describes me. Thankfully, it aligns with what I like to do and where I proclaim my own strengths to lie. In a small communications team she handles the strategy, branding, photography and events. I do the researching, writing and media relations. And if anyone wants to know how to use Twitter, how to embed material online, or why there’s a problem with search rankings, they’re sent to me.

Of course I’d like to browse my thesaurus and find something more creative than “writer” but it does what it says on the tin, as the famous brand slogan goes.

So what would YOUR personal branding be? Does the opinion of your colleagues tally with your own aspirations? Is it memorable, catchy, does it do you justice?

If not, get out there today and change it!

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